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Sorted, fit. Current activities are photography, hiking, motorbiking, trail biking, music, geology/geoscience, dinner-at-home, travel and more.

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My cactus garden in Marseille

My cactus garden on the balcony in Marseille

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Tree fern fronds unfurling in my garden in London W14

Tree fern rolling out the new growth

Apple blossom and a grazing bee fly in my garden in London W14

Apple blossom and a grazing bee fly

A sanctuary for me and the birds and the bees during this biological war: my patio garden in West London. And remembering Come in to the garden, Maud,  Tennyson’s poem and the Victorian parlour song about the emotional impact of the Crimean War of that era. Just forty years later, houses like this were built over the the fertile market gardens of Fulham Fields.
My garden has had a lot more attention than usual over the past few weeks and is looking pretty much at its best. The birds are happy too.

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Revox A77 playing my old tapes

Rig 1 - Revox to laptop via Creative SBX converter. An electrical island with a single earth so least hum and buzz etc.

I’ve got going on one of my long-standing tasks at home: dubbing my analogue tape archive to digital. The earliest tapes go back to 1960 but the ones I’m most interested to hear are from my uni days at Nottingham and shortly afterwards. This was a period of fantastic development in music and these tapes track my emerging, and diverging, interests. This Revox tape recorder was my first big purchase from wages, before even a motorbike.

Revox A77 playing my old tapes

Rig 2: - Revox to Soundcraft Delta mixer, record to file server. Best for tapes that need minor restoration.

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We’re all wannabes during the lockdown

We’re all wannabes during the lockdown

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Christmas Cake 2019, by Terry

Our Christmas Cake for year’s festivities in Preston Park, Brighton, made from scratch by Terry, including the carol-singing penguins, which he’s somehow sculpted to look vaguely menacing. They’re very sweet really, as they are made from icing sugar.