"Biker" for me usually means motorbiking, though I also have a Marin mountain-bike...

My current motorbikes are a CBR600RR and a CBR600RW, both from Honda.

Previously I have owned: Honda VF750F, Yamaha FJ600, Suzuki GSX750EX, Yamaha FJ750, Yamaha XJ900, Kawasaki Z750 and I passed my riding test on my Kawasaki KH250.

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CBR600RR repairs

Repairs in progress on my CBR600RR ABS

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GBMCC London pub meet - Feb 2020

GBMCC London pub meet - Feb 2020

Photographic glimpses GBMCC London’s monthly social meet.

More photos: GBMCC London pub meet - glimpses

With a CBR600RR in Funchal, Madeira

Two CBR600RR in Funchal-Lido, Madeira

Three CBR600RR in Funchal - my biggest smile of the holiday is in front of a bike just like my own CBR600RR

More photos: I’m not the only one - Madeira 5

Visiting my CBR600RR in the workshop

The big smile and faraway look in my eyes tells it all: Happy Biker! That’s the first time I’ve got on my CBR600RR since being knocked off on the autoroute just outside Marseille in September. Not yet ready to ride but I’m visiting the workshop to discuss the repairs.

Sunset over Marseille viewed from the col at the same time as several groups of bikers

Driving a little Fiat 500 over the Col d’Espigoulier (723 m.) just outside Marseille was both a bit of fun but mainly a frustration. A car is not a bike and this route, which I know well as a biker, felt considerably more hairy when driving four wheels.
My reward was a dramatic Sunset over Marseille viewed from the col at the same time as several groups of bikers, including one in red, a Santa Biker.
The Col d’Espigoulier is one of those mysteries of Marseille: the road surface is maintained surprisingly well for a mountain road. There are no cameras and no speed bumps on the main route. Also the white line marking the summit is officially there for timing the road cyclists in hill climb events... but clearly it also gets used for motorsports...



En route from Marseille to the Alps

I'm riding light for a week on the mountain roads of the Alps. No laptop, although I do have my SLR camera but photos will have to wait till I'm back in Marseille..

I left Marseille for a long ride north via the Col de la Croix Haute (1179 m.) to Saint-Gervais under Mont Blanc. A bit of rain towards the end of the day which cleaned the Provence dust off my white leathers and boots but didn't soak me through.