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I use photography to show something about where I’ve been or people whom I’ve met. As well as trying to see the beauty in a scene or situation, I’m also trying to convey ideas and feelings. My photography is about me and what I do, who I meet and where I go. All my photography tries to be contemporary and creative. I’m resistant to being fitted in to a taxonomy by categorisation such as “travel” or  “conceptual” or “nature”. All image-making is political simply by the act of selection and hence exclusion but I am not campaigning for any particular point of view, except to try to see the positives and to live life to the full.

I use 645, 35mm and DX formats plus a handy little digital compact that shoots RAW files. I’ve experimented with non-lens photography - do ask!

I first worked in a monochrome/silver wet darkroom at age 7, helping my Father with scientific prints; I’ve used colour negative materials since age 21 and digital since 2005. I use Photoshop (Adobe) and Photopaint (Corel).

Fountain at Bishops Park, Fulham

Fountain in the ornamental pond at Bishops Park, Fulham that I walk to from my home in West London. The area immediately surrounding the pond is closed to people and the sky is an unusually pure blue at the moment due to the lack of jet vapour trails and vehicle pollution as the lockdown continues.

Burnt out VW camper

Audi R8 and a Mercedes SL500

Photographic survey of the blue performance cars that I see on my lockdown walks around my neighbourhood, from a V8 and a V10 Audi R8, a classic MG to a sadly burnt out VW camper. Along the way, Porsche, Harbeth, Audi, and Mazda performance cars in variously subtle shades of blue.

More photos: Any colour you like so long as it’s BLUE

Thames Walk at Fulham

Thames Walk at Hammersmith Bridge

Photos about the River Thames, the people, its tides and textures from a single walk out from my home to the Thames Path between Fulham, Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes Bridge. Variation is provided by the route, the tide and the sun’s light. Fully manual technique, just the one prime lens with the same filter and same ISO throughout. Cropping, if any, only to correct horizontals. No dodging or burning.

More photos: The River

Sky view in my garden

Imagine there’s no lockdown, it’s easy if you try... You, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

You could also imagine sunbathing on a a beach with a piña colada...

Just a bit of blue-sky thinking in my garden whilst sunbathing in the noonday sun.

My home - what home means to me

My home - what home means to me

My home - what “home” means to me

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