My photography

I use photography to show something about where I’ve been or people whom I’ve met. As well as trying to see the beauty in a scene or situation, I’m also trying to convey ideas and feelings. My photography is about me and what I do, who I meet and where I go. All my photography tries to be contemporary and creative. I’m resistant to being fitted in to a taxonomy by categorisation such as “travel” or  “conceptual” or “nature”. All image-making is political simply by the act of selection and hence exclusion but I am not campaigning for any particular point of view, except to try to see the positives and to live life to the full.

I use 645, 35mm and DX formats plus a handy little digital compact that shoots RAW files. I’ve experimented with non-lens photography - do ask!

I first worked in a monochrome/silver wet darkroom at age 7, helping my Father with scientific prints; I’ve used colour negative materials since age 21 and digital since 2005. I use Photoshop (Adobe) and Photopaint (Corel).

Artisan walnut and raisin sourdough bread

Walnut and raisin bread fresh and warm from my neighbourhood artisan bakery. My treat for the weekend. I walked to join the bread queue for this loaf just after 7:30 am on Saturday morning.
I’m trying to keep the weekend special, otherwise the days just merge and every day in lockdown really is the same.

Postcard of supermarket queue in lockdown London

This is London life as it is right now, shown in the style of a holiday postcard. Today’s supermarket queue took 20 minutes to get to the door. The weather feels like June. Time to enjoy the unusually blue sky now bereft of haze from aviation and to breathe the unusually clear air here adjacent to the A4 arterial road, usually chokka with traffic fumes. And there’s also time to hear the birds singing.

Monster in my new boots

Monster in my new boots

Photos of the angry monsters in my new boots. They want to go out and hike; me too but we’ll just have to wait, this lockdown won’t last for ever.

More photos: Boot Monsters

Fledgling Blue Tit taking its first bath

Fledgling Blue Tit taking its first bath in my patio bird-bath. Parents not far away.

Fledgling Great Tit taking its first bath

More birds: Baby’s first bath

Flowers dropping from a cherry tree in Hammersmith

The morning after the lockdown is extended.
The petals are dropping swiftly from the cherry trees.
It’s as if all our hopes and all our dreams for this spring are dropping in to the gutter.
Whilst the iron bars of the lockdown stretch ever onward.


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