Brighton railway station roof

The dramatic glass and framework of Brighton’s Victorian railway station highlighted in the November sunshine and the blue sky beyond. It’s a dramatic welcome to Brighton, the first thing you see when you alight the train.
The station is the town’s gateway to the North, the rails continuing the lines of the station architecture and guiding the eye towards the line to London. The graceful curved roof spanning the platforms was completed in 1880 and last refurbished in 2000.

autumn colours on Brook Green, West London

Autumn colours starting on the hundred year-old London Plane trees on Brook Green, West London, just a short walk from the bustle of Hammersmith Broadway.

Page turning for a West Cumbrian organist

Page turning for a West Cumbrian organist.

Brighton twitten

Brighton twitten

Sussex Twittens are back routes between streets. Locals use them as shortcuts and for access to back of houses but the rest of us are never quite sure where you will come out. Maybe a pathway to another world.

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River Greta, Keswick, Cumbria

River Greta, Keswick, Cumbria

Rainwater flowing fast away from the fells in the River Greta at Keswick. The power of flowing water is impressive, just as much in smooth laminar flow as roaring rapids. The Greta has flooded many times causing much distress and damage. Many precautions and flood defences have been put in place, these were coping successfully at the time of my photos: the river was flowing freely at nearly two metres depth at Greta Bridge, pretty much as the river level forecast had indicated.

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