For the Jubilee weekend we’re drinking a fine bottle of Sauternes dessert wine from the Haut Barsac plateau, Château Liot 1997. Very full golden colour and equally full flavour of the classic Sauternes grapes, (Sémillon 85%, Sauvignon 10% and Muscadelle 5%) which complemented complemented a raspberry macaroon dessert hand-made by my chef companion.

For me, the golden nose of the Château Liot 1997 and the long-lasting after taste was reminiscent of a late summer evening in maybe Arcachon or St Jean de Luz as the sun sets over the Atlantic and the skies turn golden.

For my companion, the slight mustiness of the Château Liot was like the mustiness on entering a library of old books or a second-hand bookshop, the slight vanilla taste complementing the raspberries and almonds of his macaroon creation.

Three more evenings of this long Jubilee weekend and three more desserts to enjoy with this fifteen year old wine!