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2023 Corsa

Lounge-wear and a black Corsa, is this the future? Whatever happened to “Live to ride - ride to live”,  #rideallyear and #allyearbiker ? Or even “If you want to get about, get a bike”. Is this where it all leads when motorbiking is no longer practicable? Will it be a Corsa or a Harley? Or just a Senior Railcard and Freedom Bus Pass?
Photo with this week’s hired Corsa, the 1199cc go-faster version.

First fruit on banana grove in Preston Park, Brighton

First fruit on banana grove in Preston Park, Brighton

First fruit on Terry’s banana grove in Preston Park, Brighton. The tree’s less than ten years old and this summer is the first time we have seen fruit.

Gardening in Fulham

Gardening in Fulham

August is a classic month to prune Wisteria, this one’s been here in West London since the Sixties and is pretty vigorous. I alternate where I prune it most radically: this year it’s the turn of the branches nearest the house, which clears the area for the latest house painters, expected this week.

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tree fern replanting

Relocating Terry’s tree fern, it was a birthday present about 25 years ago but it’s not been happy in the ground in his back garden in Brighton. It seems Dicksonia antarctica do draw from the soil, unlike most other tree ferns. Further, Brighton soil is alkali, due to the underlying limestone but Dicksonia antarctica prefer neutral or acidic soil. So we’ve replanted it in neutral compost in a pot and also moved it to a location which is less exposed to the wind.

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Working a band saw in Keswick

Working a band saw in Keswick

And now... a band saw, to control the vigorous Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) that have filled the gaps, as I guess a previous gardener intended, but have grown out of scale. That leaves space for a Bay tree (Laurus nobilis) sapling that Terry has cultivated in Brighton. There’s one thriving in Fitz Park arboretum nearby so I’m not expecting a problem once the sapling is planted out and established.

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