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Running under the palm trees at Menton-Garavan beach

Full blue sky and sunshine when we arrived here in Menton on the Côte d’Azur, I enjoyed a short run on the beach front at Garavan to the frontier with Italy. A pleasure to run with sun on my face, moderate air temperature and watching the sun setting over the Mediterranean.

On the rowing ergometer

Bad weather around Madeira cancelled my flight to Funchal today. I’d been looking forward to enjoying a post-flight relaxation run amongst the sub-tropical gardens at the Lido there. Instead, a morning still at Heathrow Terminal 5 sorting out the refunds.

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Running on the Thames Path
Hammersmith Bridge

Running on the Thames Path
Barnes Bridge

“No pain - no grain”: run to the Parish Bakery in Barnes to bag fresh bread for the weekend. Muddy trackies because I took a roll in the mud avoiding a pure-bred dog out for walkies with crusty owner. Anyhow my loaf was well-raised and proved delicious for breakfast. No serious pain from running 6.3 km though I did loaf around for the rest of the morning.
Le pain quotidien (meaning daily bread) is the name of a French chain of boulangeries.

Merry Christmas 2023
Christmas decorations at Gémenos near Marseille

Wishing a Merry Christmas 2023 and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2024 to all my Friends and Followers

Christmas and the end of another year and time to look forward to 2024. 2023 has been a mixed year, there were some real high points but I’ve had a fight keeping my garden in Keswick sensibly trim. And I had to fight to keep my toy after a car reversed in to me on the bike near Mont Blanc. But a lot of other fun in between.
Sincere thanks to everyone who has followed, critiqued and commented on what I post online.
Merry Christmas!

Here are half a dozen highlights from 2023

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2023 Corsa

Lounge-wear and a black Corsa, is this the future? Whatever happened to “Live to ride - ride to live”,  #rideallyear and #allyearbiker ? Or even “If you want to get about, get a bike”. Is this where it all leads when motorbiking is no longer practicable? Will it be a Corsa or a Harley? Or just a Senior Railcard and Freedom Bus Pass?
Photo with this week’s hired Corsa, the 1199cc go-faster version.

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