"Biker" for me usually means motorbiking, though I also have a Marin mountain-bike...

My current motorbikes are a Honda CBR600RR ABS 2017 and a Kawasaki Ninja Z250SL.

Previously I have owned: Honda CRF300 Rally, Honda CBR600RR 2005, Honda CBR600FW, Honda VF750F, Yamaha FJ600, Suzuki GSX750EX, Yamaha FJ750, Yamaha XJ900, Kawasaki Z750 and I passed my riding test on my Kawasaki KH250.

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CBR600RR at Cuges-les-Pins

One last blast under the pines before the heat of the Provence summer makes every day out an endurance ride. This is the popular road to the circuit at Le Castellet, there are not a few interesting features for a sportsbike rider as it weaves its way up through the forest.

Bocca di Belle Valle (521 m.) - Corsica
Close to the Edge - Bocca di Belle Valle (521 m.)

Photo says something about just how close motorbiking always is to being a wreck, also about the legendary Corsican bandits, once you understand this was the top of the last col on my way to the ship back to the mainland. That was the best riding road I’ve found so far on Corsica. No fancy sign at the top saying the height etc, just a burnt-out old car. The French map calls it Bocca di Belle Valle, that’s Beddi Vaddi in the Corsican language.

Col de Bavella - Corsica
Crossing the GR20 at the Col de Bavella (1217 m.)

Porto-Vechio - Corsica
Docking at Porto-Vechio

Fresh bright Corsican summer morning arriving in stunning Porto-Vechio after the overnight crossing from Marseille. Immediately that island feeling, fantastic sandy beaches to the left; big rocks on the right. Road signs pockmarked with spare bullets. Petit-déj at drive-in boulangerie next to the gun club range at Lecci and already +28°C by 9 o’clock.

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ZX-4RR, A6, Shap
A6, Shap

ZX-4RR, Seascale

It’s been fun, though this June’s sunshine-and-showers weather’s unpredictability hasn’t helped nor has the wind. My ZX-4RR, 400cc, two wheeled four cylinder rocket has now had its first service and it’s free of the running-in restrictions.
The experience as the rider is full commitment, I feel intimately in touch with the road, the surface and the topography and that’s the fantastic thrill of riding the open road. The ZX4 isn’t a bike for poodling along and admiring the scenery.

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Ninja Z240SL on the road in Cumbria

Annual vehicle inspection passed again. My little Ninja Z250SL keeps its place in my garage alongside my new Ninja ZX-4RR because the smaller bike works so well on the little roads around Cumbria.



En route from Marseille to the Alps

I'm riding light for a week on the mountain roads of the Alps. No laptop, although I do have my SLR camera but photos will have to wait till I'm back in Marseille..

I left Marseille for a long ride north via the Col de la Croix Haute (1179 m.) to Saint-Gervais under Mont Blanc. A bit of rain towards the end of the day which cleaned the Provence dust off my white leathers and boots but didn't soak me through.

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