Road near Gréoux les Bains

Valley of the river Bléone

Thrills and views riding on the best day's weather for riding in Provence so far in 2019, spring but not yet the heat of summer.

Lac de Sainte Croix

North side route of the Grand Canyon du Verdon

Belvédère de la Gorge de Guègues

near Pointe Sublime, North side route of the Grand Canyon du Verdon

Pont du Soleils, North side route of the Grand Canyon du Verdon

Valley of the river Asse

Ride from Marseille, up the valley of the river Durance to Gréoux les Bains. Then to the shore of the Lac de Sainte Croix, still worryingly low in water level but an intense turquoise colour.
North side route of the Grand Canyon du Verdon, this side has the thrills and the variety of views but is all too often chokka in summer with camping cars and packs of tourist on pedal bikes. Happily, they are only just starting to arrive now in this, the first week of May.
Up to 1285 m. for the views at the Belvédère de la Gorge de Guègues, thrilling to see white-topped mountains in the distance in the same view as the melt water in the river Verdon in the base of the canyon, 715 m. below. Photo of a very happy John taken by one of a pair of climbers resting up after a number of early morning pitches.
On to Castellane and turning back to Marseille via the Col des Lèqyues (1146 m.) and the Clue de Taulane on the way to Digne les Bains on a part of the Route Napoleon that’s really good for progressive riding. Nonetheless, the views are just as spectacular as in the canyon, the wide valleys of the rivers Asse and Bléone with the snow-capped Alps beyond. That was probably the best weather of this trip, spring but not yet summer. Not even grass pollen to set off my hay fever.
Wow, but was that a really good day’s ride!