"Biker" for me usually means motorbiking, though I also have a Marin mountain-bike...

My current motorbikes are a Honda CBR600RR ABS 2017 and a Kawasaki Ninja Z250SL.

Previously I have owned: Honda CRF300 Rally, Honda CBR600RR 2005, Honda CBR600FW, Honda VF750F, Yamaha FJ600, Suzuki GSX750EX, Yamaha FJ750, Yamaha XJ900, Kawasaki Z750 and I passed my riding test on my Kawasaki KH250.

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Supercross Chateauneuf-les-Martigues
Silvio on CRF250R, the race equivalent of the CRF300 Rally that I ride in Cumbria

Supercross Chateauneuf-les-Martigues

Motocross Châteauneuf-les-Martigues club has a great track at Terrain de la Fauconniére, a sandpit near Martigues. Looks far too much fun to be legal!

More photos: Motocross Châteauneuf-les-Martigues

Col de la Gineste - Parc National des Calanques

My RR’s first ride of 2023, just a local spin out from Marseille up the Col de la Gineste (326 m.) in the wan January sunshine but enough to feel some revs and g’s again. Still chilly, even next to the Mediterranean and wearing winter leathers.

Snow at Rowrah Circuit, West Cumbria

No racing today at Cumbria Kart Racing Club’s track at Rowrah, West Cumbria because of the snowfall overnight.


Moss Force waterfall, Newlands Haus, Cumbria
Moss Force waterfall at Newlands Hause (333 m.)

Rigg Beck, Newlands Valley, Cumbria
Rigg Beck, Newlands Valley

Ride out from Keswick to Newlands Hause, Buttermere, Honister Hause, Borrowdale with a side trip to Ashness Bridge and up to Watendlath Tarn. I’m not making excuses for staying on the roads, they’re tricky enough just now with flood, washout and wind; knobbly tyres essential. Anyhow the “January Cyclonic Westerly” weather (ie wet and windy) means routes are enjoyable that I would avoid in the tourist season. But a really worthwhile ride for the majestic, magnificent views with water gushing everywhere.

More photos: Ride the storm - Lake District National Park

CRf300 at Castlerigg Stone Circle
Castlerigg Stone Circle

Rainbow at Mungrisedale, Cumbria

Midwinter ride. Last week’s frost is replaced by classy rainbows with a gale-force wind driving the Cumbrian mist at you like an automatic car wash. I couldn’t find a Christmas tree (pagan Saturnalia symbol) to pose near so making do with a Neolithic stone circle. But a satisfying workout wrangling my CRF-300 over the remaining packed ice and muddy washout, stuff this bike rides well. TG-6 waterproof camera.

More photos: Midwinter ride out: Castlerigg Stone Circle - Lake District National Park



En route from Marseille to the Alps

I'm riding light for a week on the mountain roads of the Alps. No laptop, although I do have my SLR camera but photos will have to wait till I'm back in Marseille..

I left Marseille for a long ride north via the Col de la Croix Haute (1179 m.) to Saint-Gervais under Mont Blanc. A bit of rain towards the end of the day which cleaned the Provence dust off my white leathers and boots but didn't soak me through.