Speeches at The Ultimate Wrap Party at The London Studios

Studio 1 at The London Studios

The wrap party to end all wrap parties at The London Studios. Party time on all three ground floor studio floors: quiet music in Studio 3, “The Soul Jets” played Studio 2 with a disco in Studio 1, “The Palladium of Television” (attrib. John Kaye Cooper). As always, the real chats took place outside, in Artistes’ Reception.

The Soul Jets play Studio 2 at The London Studios

Party time at The London Studios


So many friends from the LWT “family”. It’s said that hardy a programme goes out in the world without at least one ex LWT name on the credits.
Sad it had to happen but thanks TLS, that was a memorable party. And not forgetting to wish good luck to all of those for whom this is the start of their job search.

First photo uses a slit-scan technique so bringing an element of time in to the still image, which records the lighting changes but shows TV screens as grey.